Find out more The Real Housewives of Atlanta, season 14 is anything but peachy. 

According to Kandi BurrussThe sacrificial lamb, who shared all of the drama that was to follow, even a fight with Marlo Hampton, during CelebHomes News’ Daily PopMarch 11th, 2011. A longtime “friend” of the show, Marlo is now a full-time cast member—a promotion that Kandi said she’s always supported.

I have been saying to everyone, “Marlo needs her Peach.” “Why does she not have a peach?” The Kandi & the Gang star explained. It’s something I have been repeating for many years. Then she gets the peach and comes for me.”

It suffices to say that Kandi did not expect to clash with Marlo but there were little things that continued to happen.

This was when the drama reached its peak. Kandi stated, “The day it really burst between us”, “it wasn’t like anyone thought it would happen.” This was just an accident.”