Zoe Saldaña She looks back on a time that was difficult in her life.

The Guardians of the GalaxyStar opened up about her father’s 1987 death. Aridio SaldañaShe was a victim of this as a young child. Here’s a sneak peak of her cover story. EmmyThe 44-year old recalled the tragic news from her grandmother that her grandfather had died in a car crash.

I can recall her sipping coffee and saying that she would get through the situation. “Papa wanted us to make it through this. “But please, understand that death did come knocking. One of us was taken.

After Aridio’s passing, Zoe and her family moved from New York to the Dominican Republic, where everything was “always new and changing, changing, changing.”

“There’s no winter, no Santa Claus, no grapes or apples—it’s mango and guavas,” she explained. These seem like tiny things but add up over a single day. It was difficult.