Below Deck MediterraneanWhile the superyacht might still be in good shape, there was clearly a wreck on the episode of Aug. 8. 

This is an emotional wreck. After several weeks as a chef Dave WhiteTo pursue a relationship of trust with Chief Stew Natasha Webb—who he met on a previous charter, during which they hooked up—he finally realized that his efforts were fruitless. Unfortunately, said realization pushed him to berate Natasha over text—a decision that landed him in the hot seat with Captain Sandy Yawn

Natasha decided Dave should not be punished and told Captain Sandy that she was just ready to get on with her life. Although it is impossible to know if the pair will succeed together, CelebHomes News turns to Natasha to provide answers to their complicated situation. For starters, as she revealed during the exclusive interview, the pair had only met one month before the Below deck Mediterranean charter. 

Natasha & Dave are still available. Did hook up—she just didn’t want her new crew to find out about it. Natasha stated, “I did not want anyone to make a judgement about us in this situation.” “It was simply unfortunate.”