It is almost impossible to imagine anyone other than them. Zendaya as Rue on Euphoria—but it came awfully close to happening.

It was almost a complete opposite when HBO cast its intense HBO drama.

“There was an attractive young woman that I had scouted on the streets,” casting director Jennifer VendittiTelled VarietyAug. 8 “Who was a magician and had a similar track to Rue but had turned around and come back to the other side.”

Non-English speaking customersEuphoriaRue, a former drug addict is featured on the show.

It can take many years to get a television show on the air. [of work],” Venditti explained. Although we all loved her, when she went through this difficult process we were unsure if it was possible for her to sustain the effort.

Venditti, EuphoriaCreator Sam LevinsonThe unknown actress didn’t seem ready so they searched for her.

It’s fascinating. A polar opposite,” Venditti said. Zendaya is a Zendaya without the same life experiences as Rue but was able dig deep into her toolbox to access it in such beautiful ways.