The following are the prerequisites for the treatment. TangledThe actor said that he had “run to many other things, including drugs and sex” in order to forget the pain he was experiencing.

“The paradox is that alcohol can provide temporary relief but the next day it amplifies your anxiety tenfold,” said he. It becomes a vicious circle.

He said that he was able to see the roots of his problems because he was a child.

He said, “The vast majority of my childhood, I was raised in a family where my stepfather, a perfectionist at the top of his game, had a bar so high that it was almost impossible to attain, and my mother, who was borderline, was an impossibly talented person.” She didn’t set a ridiculously high standard. Because it moved, she had an impossible target.”

Zachary grew up and found that he was having trouble with his perceptions of his work. “I’ve never felt part of the cool kids group.”

As he moves forward, he is now embracing meditation and prayer. The complete podcast episode of his interview will be available to listen to on June 28,