What will You season four look like without love? 

Warning: Do not read further if you haven’t finished season three. Buuuuut, as Joe Goldberg-minus-Quinn (Penn Badgley) stalks his soulmate in Paris, we’re left to wonder what could have been if Love (Victoria Pedretti) conquered all. The grieving bakery owner and new mom just wanted a Fresh Tart in Madre Linda, but her impulse control issues—plus, you know, those handful of attempted murders—made it inevitable that Joe would continue on without the Love of his life. 

You‘s Victoria Pedretti exclusively bid farewell to Love in an emotional interview with CelebHomes News on Oct. 22. “I’ve been talking about obsession, about how she kind of obsesses over other people and desires being obsessed over, and [she] kind of deals in other people and doesn’t really deal with herself,” Pedretti shared of her character. “She engulfs herself in others and engulfs others, like her child.”

To Pedretti, Love’s fiery passion embodies how often we fail to notice, or deal with, burn-out. Of course, it took watching Love literally burn alive in her own kitchen to get the message across.