You’re going to spend at least one-third of your life in your bedroom, so it’s smart to design it in a way that will both last and suit your tastes for years to come. Color, layout, furniture style, and overall design are all crucial in creating a space where you can feel comfortable and safe.

Picking the Right Colors

One thing that you can do to create a calming and restful space is to use different shades of the same color. Sky blue, cornflower blue, ocean blue, and indigo serve as good examples of light-to-dark color progression.

Paint or Wallpaper?

Painting is easier than applying wallpaper, but you can be more decorative with wallpaper without needing incredible artistic talent. The patterns can be either bold or relaxing, concrete or abstract, or even vanilla or spicy. You can even use both paint and wallpaper because it’s much easier to paint a ceiling than to cover it with wallpaper. Be sure that the colors of the walls and ceiling both match your overall scheme.

Choosing Long-Lived Designs

While it might be fun and exciting to pick something edgy and/or off-the-wall, what’s “hip” today very well could be “boring tomorrow.” Timeless designs make the most sense because you won’t have to change them after a short time.

The Layout

Speaking of timeless, there are a few tips that have stood the test of time. For example, in a rectangular bedroom, it’s best if you arrange the bed lengthwise. If the bedroom is small, then you can put the bed in a corner to create the most floor space, but, if you have a partner, one of you will have to crawl over the bed after waking up. Remember to plan for clothes storage if you don’t have a built-in closet.

Is Bold Ever Right?

Even though simple patterns are the best for most people, there will be a time for boldness. It’s all about balance, however. A red carpet, yellow walls, and a black ceiling might look cool, but you might wind up thinking about a certain animated rodent. If you’re going to choose bold colors, balance them with something subdued.

A New House

Going through cross country moves can be some of the best times to plan for a new bedroom. After all, your old furniture and color scheme matched the old house or apartment. The bedrooms in your new home might be not only a different size but also a different shape. For example, you might only have had room for a queen bed in your previous home, but now your bedroom is big enough for a king bed and extra furniture. You might even have a loft that requires you to be extra creative with space because of slanting ceilings, weird wall angles, or both.

Something humanitarian you can do is to donate your old things to Habitat for Humanity. Then, you can design an entirely new bedroom adventure to match your new place and to signify a new beginning for yourself and, if applicable, your family.