Celebrities set the stage, in many cases, for what we see as remodeling trends.  There’s only one thing that almost all celebrity homes have in common that anyone can get: high quality stone that makes a statement.  Whether you’re using it for a kitchen, bathroom, outdoor space, or a full stairway, natural stone always stands the test of time…and beauty.  In fact, unlike many other design pieces, natural stone never goes out of style.

For those of us that aren’t celebrities in our own right, it’s important to understand that we can get a celebrity look without the celebrity price.  When undertaking a remodeling project, the quality of the materials you use can drastically affect the outcome. Natural stone, for example, stands out for its unique characteristics, beauty, and durability. However, choosing a high-quality stone isn’t always straightforward. Luckily, companies like Marble Systems, an industry leader in supplying high-grade stone across the United States, can provide expertise and guidance.

The natural beauty and resilience of stones like granite, marble, and limestone make them easy choices for home remodeling projects. Celebrities love them because they become focal points in their projects.  Unlike celebrities with teams of remodeling professionals, regular people need to understand what makes a stone high quality before selecting it. Here are some tips and tricks to help anyone create a celebrity-like home with a significantly smaller team – and budget.

First, consider the absorption rate. This refers to how much water a stone can absorb. It’s a critical aspect to consider, especially when remodeling areas exposed to moisture like bathrooms or kitchens. The less absorbent the stone, the less likely it is to stain or get damaged by water. For instance, granite has a lower absorption rate compared to marble, making it a good choice for areas that might experience spills or high humidity.

Next, consider the stone’s density. A denser stone indicates a stronger, more durable material that can withstand high traffic and pressure. Marble Systems, known for their expansive and premium selection, can assist homeowners in understanding the different densities of available stones and how they relate to specific uses.

Another aspect to consider is the grade of the stone. Residential-grade materials are often available in commercial, standard, and premium grades. The premium grade is the highest quality, having few to no imperfections, a consistent pattern, and excellent durability. Marble Systems is an excellent source for premium-grade stones, offering an extensive selection of options for discerning homeowners.

In addition, always inspect the stone’s finish. A high-quality stone should have a consistent, smooth finish, devoid of any cracks or fissures that may affect its structural integrity. A reputable supplier like Marble Systems will allow you to inspect the stone before purchase to ensure its quality.  In fact, the Marble Systems team purchases natural stone from top quarries around the globe, so you can get the best stone at a fair price.

It’s also essential to consider the stone’s color and pattern consistency. Natural stones will always have variations, which contribute to their charm. However, high-quality stones should show consistency in their overall pattern and color distribution. Marble Systems prides itself on its range of stone options with consistent patterns and colors.

Moreover, consider the reputability of the stone supplier. Established and reputable companies, such as Marble Systems, offer not just high-quality materials, but also the expertise and advice to help you choose the right stone for your project. Their specialists can provide insights into what stones are best suited to your specific needs, from the durability required in a kitchen to the aesthetic appeal needed for a living room remodel.

It’s important to remember that, in choosing high-quality stone, you must always consider more than just what you imagine it will look like in your home.  Picking the proper slab involves considering various factors such as absorption rate, density, grade, finish, pattern consistency, and the supplier’s reputation. Marble Systems, with its vast experience and premium selection, makes this process easier, ensuring homeowners achieve the beautiful and durable remodel they desire. The right stone can not only transform a space but also stand the test of time, enhancing your home’s value and aesthetic appeal for years to come – and making you feel like a Hollywood darling each time you walk into the room.