We are SchneeThis season is exciting! 

On Jan. 26, CBS announced the all–new star–studded cast that will be heading into the Big Brother home for season three of Celebrity Big Brother. CelebHomes News now has exclusive access to the first floor. Todrick Hall, Lamar OdomShanna Moakler While they vie for the chance at $250,000.000, many more will live in their homes.  

This home renovation is sure to make you want your skis and gloves on. You can also enjoy hot cocoa in the lodge. This season’s contemporary Swiss chalet-themed house features a fireplace and a beaded crystal chandelier—with over 300,000 individual beads—in the entranceway and is completed with custom travel posters.

This is perhaps the most shocking revelation of them all. And the biggest surprise? The spiral staircase has been removed. You read it right! This is something that fans of the show have known since the beginning. Big BrotherHouseguests use the staircase to access upper rooms. But after almost 20 seasons, the fixture has been replaced with a three–landing staircase.