Helen McCrory‘s legacy lives on in those who knew her best, including husband Damian Lewis.

The actor paid tribute during a London poetry reading on January 25 to the late actor. Harry Potter star.

The event, which was held at Lyttelton Theatre in Lyttelton, was called Poetry for every day of the yearIt was dedicated to McCrory who participated in the previous years. The British newspaper The TimesIn his first public appearance on stage since McCrory’s death, Lewis spoke to the crowd and related a story about McCrory. John DennisEnglish critic, poet and dramatist, he is credited for inventing the expression “steal my thunder” 

Lewis said that Helen McCrory was the only person who would steal Lewis’ thunder. But it would not work.

Lewis was not the only actor present. Simon Russell Beale, Fay Ripley, Danny Sapani Lesley SharpWe were there as well, and the event was hosted by writer. Allie Esiri. Additionally, The TimesAccording to reports, Helena Bonham CarterMcCrory friend, who appeared in the Harry PotterShe was there to watch movies.