Alfred at your service, but put some respect on his name! 
HBO Max released the trailer for the third season of series Pennyworth, which returns this fall, giving viewers a look at what to expect from the next installment.
Pennyworth, which moves from Epix to HBO Max, has been rebranded Pennyworth: Batman’s Butler: What is it?. Let’s be clear, this is not your parent’s Alfred Pennyworth.
The Aug. 10 teaser begins with Alfred (Jack Bannon) introducing himself and making it clear that his “honor is not for sale.” Alfred is a strong man! 
There’s still plenty to see, with Alfred seen swinging punches and wielding his gun.
For all those that have yet to get on board. Pennyworth bandwagon, the series follows the early years of Batman’s trusted butler, as he forms a security company in the 1960s and works for billionaire Thomas Wayne (a.k.a Batman’s dad).