Elizabeth Olsen The axe is being picked up.

HBO Max released the first glimpse at the new HBO Max miniseries Love and deathThis is the chilling story about an accused axe killer. Candy Montgomery.

This TV series is inspired by the story of Olsen Montgomery, a Texas housewife. It follows her as she has an affair and falls for her neighbor. Allan Gore (Jesse PlemonsHe eventually kills his wife. Betty (Lily Rabe).

As his wife watches, Olsen’s Montgomery walks up to Gore in the preview.

He responds, “I feel very attracted to your,” she says. She asks him if he would be open to an affair.

Logline for the show teases its dark ending. Love and deathThe story is about “two married, church-going couples who live in Texas’ small towns until someone picks up an axe.” The Plus Love and death team has some experience with bringing mysteries to life—David E. KelleyThis is Big Little LiesThe show’s executive producer was also responsible for its creation.