Culkin, based upon real-life experiences, was the “King of Club Kids”. Michael AligAfter he was killed, he spent nearly 17 years in prison. Robert “Freeze” RiggsKilled and dismembered a fellow New York nightlife fanatic Andre “Angel” MelendezIn 1996. Riggs served time in prison for manslaughter.

To prepare for the role, Culkin visited Alig behind bars, telling Barbara Walters in 2003, “We spent four hours at the prison. It was the first time I had been in prison. I was just watching and listening. I could see his hands moving. He seemed so sorry, while at the same moment he put on this façade. For me, the crazy and wild man, he was doing the “Michael Allig” act.

When asked if he had any dark sides, the actor at 25 years old said that he could. However, he isn’t as dark than him. I’m so simple to see as the wicked little creature, it seems. You know what? A wicked, little, blonde-haired child who causes trouble for everyone.

Moreover, he recalled to Bunny Ears of the glam-rock look that was essential to Michael, “I always felt pretty, but that’s where I learned I actually was pretty. This made me understand the importance of women taking so much time to get ready. It was worth it, and I felt amazing.”

Culkin was acquainting himself with his lengthy absence from the spotlight. He appeared in his first film since 1993. Ri¢hie Ri¢hWalters was told by a, that he didn’t like doing the same thing as before. You know that it used to be like people were putting their livelihoods on the line. I was a part of an industry. This was a strange dynamic, which I believe made me feel uncomfortable throughout my entire life. I don’t have the time or desire to make 10 films per year.