The actor spoke out about the significance of Pride and explained the reasons why it is important. CelebHomes News was told by the actor that Pride is essential because many children are unable to do so and fear sharing their experiences. They also feel a lack of ability to exist in a world where it can be very hard.
He actually compared his current-day advice with his childhood. I grew up in small towns. [Andale, Kansas]He said, “I didn’t know how I would ever be able share this.” There’s a different way of living. And I think whenever they see people being out and open and proud of who they are—I really think that that can show you that there is that light out there for you as well.”
Colton stated, “It’s important to celebrate your own experience because there’s someone out there struggling and feeling like they won’t be able be themselves.” And I think that the more that we do our best to live openly and show that we are not ‘bad’ or that once we show that we are real people, I feel like it’ll give the people the feeling to exist on their own and to be who they are.”