It was all about playing Mario Puzo This is the OfferPatrick GalloHe knew that he could identify with the character.

Yes, The Godfather author and Gallo are both proud Italians, but it was more than that. Gallo revealed in an interview with CelebHomes News that he discovered many similarities as they began to work together. Our perspectives on struggle and insecurities.

Gallo stated that he had an “effortless understanding” of the author and found his success later on in life. Gallo reflected on his career and remembered the passion projects he responded to with pride. “But the world doesn’t always respond in that way every time, it’s very frustrating.” 

Gallo then learned from Puzo that he “begrudgingly wrote”. The Godfather to pay off his debts at the age of 49, it was like a “bolt of lightning.” 

It’s fascinating how an artist can be driven toward something like this, even though it isn’t what they want, but it has to be done. He said.
“But, that’s exactly where I found him.”