This intangible birthday present is irreplaceable Harry StylesHe gave his mom is very precious.
The “Watermelon Sugar”, vocalist, asked his fans to perform a small but sweet favor at his latest Uncasville, Connecticut stop. Harry told thousands of fans that his mom was there for him during the Oct. 21 show. Anne Twist, was celebrating her birthday—and he had one heartwarming request.
“So, if that’s okay with You,” said the singer. asked the crowd, “Would you mind please singing Happy Birthday…to my mother?”
For good measure, since the matriarch wasn’t technically in the house, Harry jokingly added, “And I hope that maybe she will hear it…and she will because I will show her.”
Harry’s mom has no doubt enjoyed a few moments pride courtesy of her son’s meteoric career, but we’re willing bet that this moment was the icing on top. Cake.