Beckinsale recalls attending an all-girls school, where she “never had” to worry about her hand being raised making her unfeminine. She also remembers studying at “a university in intellectual debate was not only encouraged but the whole point of attending,” and how “very grateful” she is to have had those experiences.

The UnderworldThe alum then addressed her comments during the interview. She wrote, “When I said that it has been a handicap Hollywood it’s precisely because being female AND having an opinion often has to be quite carefully packaged to avoid being offensive or as was the case in this instance, deliberately twisted into signifying one’s perceived superiority or arrogance.” “It is clear that this is still the case. And these journalists who turned this into me bragging is a part the exact reason I claim it was and continues to be a handicap. I’ve been shamed for being a woman who answered honestly a question about her IQ. This is exactly what I mean when I say “handicap”.

Beckinsale admitted that she doesn’t respond to bulls–t often, but she stated that it was important to her that no woman, let alone 60%, be left out of the equation.GraziaMagazine, 2019,) should feel the need to lie or dumbdown under any circumstances in order to not be a target.

“Facts: Some good movies, some s–t films,” she said. “I have made some bad and good decisions in my personal lives. I have a very patient cat. My IQ is 152 and if that triggers you, @thecut, (despite your 2015 article on Salma Hayek stating the opposite) that’s your problem. Pick a side. Also, IQ doesn’t necessarily mean s–-t. But it is important to not act in a rash manner. [sic]Supporting women while pulling such s-tylish s-t like this.”