Facebook is ready for a big change.

On Thursday, 28 October, CEO Mark ZuckerbergHis tech company, Meta, will change its name to Meta while the social networking platform will remain Facebook.

According to a press statement, Meta intends to bring together all of the company’s apps as well as technologies under one brand. Meta’s mission is to bring the Metaverse to life, connect people, find communities, and grow businesses.

In case you are wondering, the “metaverse”, which is a collection interconnected digital spaces that allow you to do things that you can’t in the physical realm, is what it is called.

The company’s virtual hardware event Connect 2021 announced the news.

As you probably guessed, the Internet couldn’t keep quiet when the name change was announced this morning. “This happened because Zuckerberg never meta-girl until college,” said one Twitter user. shared. Another user shared a photo featuring a former Los Angeles Lakers player Metta World PeaceWith the message“The only Meta we recognize”