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Vimhue Ponytail Hat Reviews

A seller on Etsy said that she loves the hat and wears it every day. You can have a bun and also a cap at once!

One person said, “This is a genius hat.” Regular hats don’t fit me well because I have high-heeled ponies. This is great. They are a women-owned company that adheres to fair trade standards.

A customer raved, “Love these Hats. My second. They are beautiful, quality and retain their shape after washing. It is a great product and I plan to return in the future for more. It’s great when the item you receive exceeds your expectations.!

A second person commented, “I absolutely love the hat!” It has been perfect for me! I needed a hat that would allow me to wear my hair down in summer heat, but also give it some protection. The hat is light, comfortable and well-made.

One Etsy buyer reviewed the hat, saying “I’ve wanted it for a while. I’m glad that I finally purchased it!” It’s perfect, it fits well and it looks adorable. Great for all kinds of activities!

These hats look great. It’s the best ponytail hat I have ever worn, and that was tonight when it happened to be on my head,” shared a customer.

“I love my hat and I plan to purchase it again in another color. It fits perfectly. You can adjust the height of your ponytail to suit you. I love it,” a shopper reviewed.

A customer stated, “I bought one of these items for myself.” It was my second purchase, and it was a gift I gave to a friend. My hat has received tons of compliments, and I love its function. I love it and make it my go-to cap. It is the perfect hat for everyone who enjoys riding a pony or wants some shade.

Another person said that the ponytail was higher and the gorgeous colors were what attracted her to the hat.

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