Now is the time to invite Daniel RadcliffeEnjoy some wine with reality TV

A appearance Kelly Clarkson ShowIt is the Harry Potter star said he has an unabashed love for dating shows. He doesn’t care about who else knows.

He stated, “I don’t actually believe in guilty pleasures.” “Once upon a time, I would have mentioned my love for reality television. The BachelorIt’s a “guilty pleasure,” but now I have to confess that it’s something I am unironically enjoying.”

Daniel, admitting that is the first step.

He thanks his girlfriend Erin Darke Get him hooked.

“Erin made me try it, but now, I realize I need to admit that I am also like, “Hey, I wanna dress up!” Love is Blind?He laughed. It sounds to us like she is a great influence. 

However, don’t bring up Clayton EchardDaniel is the name of his father.

“I haven’t seen the latest series of The BachelorBecause I have been doing press and stuff for a while, but it was definitely mental,” Kelly said.