Lady Whistledown, the only Lady Whistledown, is sharing her steamy secrets Bridgerton season 2 secrets.

Just a few days until the start of the new season Nicola Coughlan dropped some behind-the-scenes details about the Netflix period drama in a March 24 interview on CelebHomes News’ Daily PopIt includes everything from Penelope Featherington as Penelope Featherington, her mysterious alter-ego, and the interesting beauty secrets that lead men.

I think this season has a lot of crush possibilities. There’s one actor—I’m not gonna say who it is, people are just gonna have to figure it out—had to have makeup put on his bottom for a scene,” she teased.

Anthony Bridgerton, the oldest Bridgerton sibling and played by the handsome Jonathan BaileyNicola believes that this season’s main star is Nicola.

Jonathan Bailey is one the most attractive people that I’ve ever met in person. He’s the type of person that you go up to and go, you just go, ‘You’re very handsome, aren’t you?'”