Perhaps 2021 was not so terrible after all. Before the calendar year flips to 2022, the Peanuts gang will be gracing us with a new holiday special just in time for the new year.

Apple TV+ has released its first trailer for the upcoming Peanuts special on Monday, November 29. Auld Lang SyneDebuts December 10th. It is very similar to its predecessors. Charlie Brown ChristmasAnd Charlie Brown, it’s The Great PumpkinThe animated character characters are celebrating a significant holiday in the special.

But instead of Charlie Brown Lucy is the star, and the trailer below shows Lucy planning the ultimate New Year’s Eve celebration. Linus shows how Lucy comes up with the end-of-year plan after her grandmother snubbed them at Christmas.

Lucy tells herself, in front of a mirror: “You’re lovable.” It’s true!

Lucy is determined to create the ideal New Year’s Eve party and instructs her friends how to look good, behave well, and be punctual. Linus has been selected to assist Lucy. He asks: “What am I doing?”