Yara Shahidi took a musical route to finding Neverland.

The actress is set to play animation’s most iconic fairy, Tinker Bell, in Disney’s upcoming live-action Peter Pan & Wendy. Yara primarily focused her efforts on the selection of the best tunes to help her get in a state of blissful meditation.

CelebHomes News exclusively revealed that she has “these different Tinker Bell playlists”. Daily PopJune 22. “I’m literally just revving up to a shoot day—me moving around like I have pictured a fairy moves. It was quite ridiculous but once it is captured on film, it becomes less absurd.

But before we see her Tinker Bell debut in the live-action Peter Pan retelling—which is set to be released later this year—viewers can catch up with the 22-year-old on Freeform’s Grown-ish.

Like Zoey Johnson, her character on the show, Yara is a recent college grad herself, having received her diploma from Harvard back in May. The actress laughed when she spoke about Zoey’s college experience, saying that they were “polar opposites”.