President Barack Obama in Severance season two? We can only dream—literally.

The cast and crew of Apple TV+’s Severance is nominated 14 categories at the 2022 Emmy Awards, meaning they’re set to rub elbows with some pretty famous people at the Sept. 12 ceremony, including the former president, who received a nod for Outstanding Narrator. “I don’t know if Obama is going to be there,” creator Dan Erickson told CelebHomes’s The Rundown at Comic-Con. “So I think he could be great.”

Ben Stiller, who directed six of SeveranceThese are the nine episodes. His character would be called Barry O. Adam Scott adding, “And he has no idea he was president.”

Also for Jen TullockDevon wants to be with a woman. “I stated that I would like to have a romantic relationship with you.” Jennifer Lopez,” she deadpanned. She said, “I was not coming back to her without her.” Hey! Give it a go.

The cast did not reveal much about the new episodes, despite jokes aside. Many people still haven’t seen the original season which had many plot twists, intense scenes, and was full of humor. Ben stated that “I think the season’s end is where there’s many questions… So I believe we’ll get answers hopefully.”