Details about the new developments Daffney UngerThe causes of his death are now being made public.

The Gwinnett County Medical Examiner stated that the death of the professional wrestler was due to a gunshot to his chest. CelebHomes News received the official report from the Medical Examiner on February 28, which confirmed Unger’s death as suicide.

Unger had a mental disorder, according to an incident report. Unger had bipolar disorder, multiple head injuries and a medical history.

The 46-year-old woman was found dead at home in Georgia on September 2, after police arrived for a welfare inspection. Her death was later confirmed in a statement by SHIMMER women’s professional wrestling. “We regret having to share the news of the death Shannon Spruill aka Daffney Unger,” the statement read. We are publishing this information at her request. At this time, please respect their privacy.

Unger was a wrestler for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2008 – 2011) and World Championship Wrestling (1999 – 2001).