Aisha TylerThis is a record-setting effort after an “egregious” misinterpretation of identity.

Over the weekend the former The TalkThe 51-year-old cohost took to Twitter to clarify an article that was published by the Daily MailShe was mistakenly called “Staff” Sasha ObamaThe youngest daughter of a former president is Alicia. Barack Obama.
Instead of the 20-year-old named in the photo’s caption—in reality, it was Aisha seen grinning ear to ear as she walked over to greet none other than Beyoncé Jay-Z Mother Wolf, Los Angeles’ hotspot. Aisha explained things the best possible way after seeing her photo, which had a surprising title.
“Dear @DailyMailUK, I am very grateful that you mistakenly thought of me as the beautiful 20-year old Sasha Obama,” Aisha tweetedFebruary 27, 2007. “I’ll assume that was due to my buoyant, youthful appearance & not just messy journalism.”

Aisha is not one to overlook her thrilling run-in. wrote, “Regardless, it was fantastic to see the legendary @Beyonce & Jay-Z at dinner. They were dazzling and gracious (especially to my friend @JarettSays, just out of frame) & the meal at #motherwolfla was truly spectacular. I can’t wait for my next trip!