Halle BerrySets the record straight about all of the recent Catwoman chatter.

On her November 16 appearance Jimmy Kimmel LiveIt is the BruisedStar shared her views on how the film received praise. While CatwomanThe original release was in 2004. It recently began streaming on HBO Max. It seems that fans are showing more love for this movie. Halle (55) tweeted Oct. 25, “I see all the Catwoman Love, Everyone.” “Where were your guys 17 years ago?”

The actress was asked if she felt upset over the criticisms made of her film in her late-night interview. She replied that “I wasn’t”, but that it appeared like some people were.

“You all know that I was a hard worker to become a Catwoman. “I learned Capoeira, I did all the work,” she said. The sad part is that I did not direct the film, produced it or wrote it. The only thing I did was to be an actress. But I was the actress in it for over 40 years.