As for Williams’ willingness to lift the veil on a life that others tend to assume is just as orderly and efficient as she operates on the court, well, that’s at the core of who she is as well. 

It’s not an ideal system, even with a greater focus on her personal life. And so when she, say, missed Olympia’s first steps because she was busy readying for Wimbledon, it stings just as much as the parent who learns that particular milestone happened at daycare. 

Williams shared a candid Instagram photo in 2020 that stated, “Working and being mom is difficult.” It is often exhausting and stressful, then I take the time to play tennis. They keep on going. It is inspiring to see the dedication of women in this field every day.

She said that making such statements is just “normalizing” the struggle of working parents. It is not an easy task. This has never been an easy task. It’s easy to think of celebrities as having it all, and yet, it’s far from that. It is definitely difficult and it is important to acknowledge that.