Audrina did not limit what was possible. Choose from a variety of optionsTo her stint The HillsAnd the immediate aftermath. Instead, she “kind of touched based on everything,” the Prey Swim founder said. Just different experiences that I’ve had, how I view life, the decisions I made and what the results were in relationships and friendships. Everything.”

One such relationship involves her ex-husband, Corey Bohan. In September 2017, the couple split and they now have a daughter of six years. KirraAudrina is the sole physical custodian. Looking back at the tumultuous relationship and subsequent divorce on Daily PopAudrina stated that she is looking for a job. Choose from a variety of optionsHelp other women 

It was hard for me, but I hope that women who read my book will be inspired by what I went through, or maybe learn something from it. [take]She said that they might choose a different route than mine. She said, “They can benefit from my experience to spare them heartache.”