You can find love in unexpected places.

This is a common theme Katie HolmesIn her new film, she explores All TogetherThe movie premiered July 22. CelebHomes News was the only source of information for the actress when she created the romantic comedy set at the peak COVID-19 pandemic. Daily Pop that she was inspired by people’s pandemic love stories…good and the bad.

“The inspiration behind the film really came from a lot of the stories that I read about—all of these different stories on Reddit and this and that,” she told Daily Pop‘s Francesca AmikerJune 22, 2009. “It wasn’t really about people falling in love quick or people breaking up and ending their marriages.”

The 43-year old shared her thoughts about the pain that the world has experienced over the last few years. She said she wanted to write a story of people coming together rather than falling apart.

The movie follows Holmes’ character June, who arrives at the Airbnb her boyfriend (Derek Luke) rented in upstate New York only to discover it was accidentally double-booked. And after her BF bails on the trip out of the city, she forms an unexpected connection with the house’s other tenant, Charlie, played by Jim Sturgess.