The cast of Bravo’s Winter House is wasting no time getting to know each other. 

In this exclusive sneak peek at the premiere episode airing tomorrow, Oct. 20, the newly acquainted group—a mix of Summer House and Southern Charm cast members, along with some of their pals—is attempting to ignore the fact that they’re in chilly Vermont by throwing a booze-filled beach party. 

Despite lots of dancing, it doesn’t take long for everyone to actually get cold in their bathing suits, so they head to the giant hot tub. 

Ciara Miller, however, is looking for a different way to warm up. 

“You know that feeling when you start getting drunk and you kind of want to make out with someone?” she asks Paige DeSorbo, who’s clearly on the same page, responding, “I’m in those feels!”

The two Summer House stars hop in the hot tub with everyone else, but they’re not exactly sitting alone.