Truly a matter of life or death. 

Real-life 9-1-1 dispatchers let Oxygen reality TV cameras into their call center to capture the rush behind-the-scenes to save lives on the other end of a phone call. From children saying their father is not breathing, to a woman threatening to jump out of a window, these operators have to be on in a moment’s notice. 

“Being on a night shift, we generally get more violent calls,” one officer explains in this exclusive first look at Oxygen’s new series 911 Crisis Center, premiering Saturday, Nov. 6. 

Another notes, “We are helping people in the worst moments of their lives,” as her co-worker adds, “When we answer, it could be the difference between life and death.” 

The new fast-paced series shows the “inner workings of an emergency call center and the unsung heroes expertly handling real, high-stakes distress calls,” the official series description states. “At the center, the responders’ calm demeanor, quick thinking and ability to draw out essential information from callers in the midst of extreme situations is often the difference between life and death. From gut-wrenching to heartwarming, these very first responders hear it all over the course of a 12-hour shift.”