Winona Ryder has real love—and respect—for her Stranger Things co-stars.

Ahead of the show’s season four premiere on May 27, the two-time Academy Award nominee reflected back on the legacy of the show, while heaping some major praise on its younger cast members.

Winona stated that “I am still blown away” by these children to CelebHomes News. They were my age when I saw the program. This is pure magic.

It is hard for her to call them children anymore. Millie Bobby Brown•, who was 12 at the time she was cast. Stranger ThingsHe is currently 18 years of age.

Seeing Millie in her season four wig has made some people do a double-take because she bears a striking to resemblance to a younger Winona. Winona stated, “It was amazing seeing her as that.” “When I was this age, I dyed my hair black.” [hair], goth going on. There is a certain resemblance.”

Winona has been a part of almost every successful actress in the film industry. She saved her greatest accolades as a 20-year old Sadie SinkMax, played by? 

“Sadie is like Liv Ullmann,” Winona gushed. Winona exclaimed, “She is going to look like…” Meryl Streep.” No pressure, Sadie!