While Lila may not be the mother to 12-year-old Stan, we do learn that she is pregnant with Diego’s child, having used Stan to test her man’s parenting skills. And while Diego made for a not-so-bad dad, Arya said she believes Lila “might not be the best at it.”

“She hasn’t had the best mother herself,” the 33-year-old said, as her character was raised by the show’s former big bad, The Handler (Kate Walsh). “She has a very different childhood than the majority of people. She was a traveling timer and an assassin. It’s not clear how this motherly instinct will play out.

On top of everything, Lila finally came to terms with her true feelings for Diego, something Arya said her character was scared “to see if they could make it work.”

The actress said that she just wanted to love Diego and wants her heart to feel loved. “And I believe she’s afraid he will abandon her. And even if it did, it might not be as easy to actually build a family.”