Make another cosmopolitan for yourself OderEnjoy this mouthwatering drink Sex and the City tea.  

CelebHomes News offers a first glimpse at CelebHomes News emmy Magazine’sFor a more in-depth discussion with It’s as Simple As ThatExecutive producer Michael Patrick King(, where he talks about everything starting from how and why the revival happened to him to how Kim CattrallThe absence of’s has had an impact on the show.

King gives a captivating interview that will be available in newsstands on Dec. 3. It reveals some stunning secrets as well as stylish details about the much-anticipated reboot.

HBO’s beloved series about thirty-something Carrie Bradshaw and her BFFs Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes and Samantha Jones has always been en vogue with audiences, so when the new HBO Max show was announced, it elevated fans’ emotions and had them wondering in a New York minute how it all came about.

King said in interview: “Sarah Jessica [Parker]We had discussed the possibility of doing a podcast on the show. Because we have so much to share about the show, it was a long road. Then all of a sudden, I thought, ‘Why are we talking about the past? I thought, “Why are we talking about the past?” Why not do it in the present?” It was pretty quick that we realized we had to do it.”