Angelina Jolie Super mom!

The 18th of November will be EternalsThe premiere of the new documentary was inaugurated in Los Angeles by star who stepped onto the red carpet. Paper & GlueJR is the French director of this film.

Two familiar faces joined the Oscar winning actress at the Museum of Tolerance: daughter Shiloh15.Pax, 17. The three were dressed casually at the weekly event, as opposed to the recent black-tie premieres attended by the family for Eternals.

Angelina was dressed in a sleek, black ribbed turtleneck with skirt. Pax wore a plaid shirt, and Jeans. Shiloh wore ripped jeans with a black jacket and was suitable for teenagers.

Jolie and her family have been frequent red carpet visitors of late. JR—who only goes by those initials—is a less familiar face. Angelina has made public her friendship with JR over the past few months, after JR took photos of Angelina on a trip to France in august.