It pays to be patient.

You have just asked the woman you love. Sarah HylandIt was three years ago. Wells AdamsThe couple is willing to give a glimpse into what their fans can look forward to at the wedding.

It is important to understand: He suggested that they would make a cake “rustic-looking” but totally original. 

Sarah is so excited about it, it is so absurd,” he said to his friend. Nick ViallOn the August 10th episode of The Viall Files. “When we gave it to the baker she was like, ‘This is so different, I’ve never had this.'”

While there are many ways to help the Bachelor in Paradise star also reflected on the couple’s unexpectedly long engagement and delaying the wedding multiple times because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Wells stated that they were originally engaged on July 19, 2019, and were planning to marry on August 8, 2020. Then, we would be married on July 31, 2021. We were then supposed to wed again on July 31, 2021. “Now we’re at this year…I think we realized if we can make it through this we can make it through anything.”