Angus CloudIs living proof that frightening things can happen Friday, the 13th.

It Euphoria star shared that the scar on his head is very much real and it came from a serious accident back in 2013, when Angus fell into a construction pit while walking in the dark.

He shared his Aug. 10 confession that “I fractured my skull Friday the 13th.” Variety. “I woke up at the bottom 12 hours later. “I was trapped!”

He suffered broken bones, internal bleeding, and fractured fingers as a result of the fall. Angus realized that they weren’t going to find him down there and he entered survival mode to try to save his life.

“I eventually climbed out after—I don’t know how long,” he recalled. It was difficult to get out because my skull had been broken but my skin was not. All the bleeding from my brain was internal and pressing against my skull.