Tyler Perry He does not wish his family to be burdened by his fame.

The filmmaker, 52, has a pretty simple explanation as to why he is planning to keep his son AmanHe shares his 7-year-old daughter with an ex partner Gelila BekeleYou are now out of the spotlight.

Tyler stated that Tyler wants Tyler to live a normal life. “I want him know the freedom and joy of having his own name, his own life. He shouldn’t feel the need to be like his dad.

Tyler kept many details of his family and relationships private, but he was open about telling Aman that he would talk to him about race when he is older.

He stated that he wanted to wait as long as he could. He said, “I don’t want to tell them that people will judge him based on his skin color, but right now, he’s in school with all races, and all of these children are at their best form.” He never refers to his friends by their race when describing them.