There was an unexpected silver lining. Jennifer LawrenceUnexpected twinning moment

The Oscar winner recently stepped out in New York City in yet another easy, breezy ensemble that was perfect for the summertime.

Jennifer’s effortlessly sophisticated outfit, in which she donned a beige spaghetti strap midi paired with black strappy sandals and her handy umbrella, proved to be a total hit.

What made this style statement different from all the others? During her July 31 outing, J-Law ended up crossing paths with a stranger who was wearing the exact same dress as her!

The two of them seemed to have a moment that was just right for each other. The photos were captured by Silver Linings PlaybookThe actress laughed with the passerby, and he too smiled. 

Their dresses by fashion brand 6397 may have cost them more than $400, but their reaction was priceless.