Even heroes require a rest.

Tom HollandHe shared his plans to take a break on social media for mental health on August 14. In an Instagram video, the actor shared with his 67.7million followers that he had previously removed the app but just wanted to post a few items before returning to social media.

“I took a social media break for my mental well-being, as I found Instagram and Twitter overstimulating and overwhelming.”Spider-Man, There’s No Way Home actor said in the three-minute clip. When I see things online about myself, I get caught up in my thoughts and spiral. It’s ultimately very harmful to my mental health. Therefore, I decided to stop and remove the app.

While Tom, 26, called his return to the platform “very, very brief,” he said that he wanted to inform people about Stem4, a charity that supports positive mental health in teenagers, The Brothers Trust, a philanthropic organization that was set up by the Uncharted actor’s parents, Dominic and Nikki Holland