The area is known for its beautiful ski slopes and frosty climate, but a lot has been happening in the real estate market.  Houses are selling fast, and they also sell for a lot more. 

This isn’t the first time things have heated up in Whistler’s real estate: but these are the top reasons why it’s hotter than ever.

Personal Property Driven By The Pandemic

As the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe in 2020, quarantining was the only way to make sure that everyone is safe.  This meant that many had to live in the same apartment or house they were living in when the pandemic began. 

People who lived in cities realized that they needed space and personal property.  Whistler is a popular destination for its amazing views and beautiful summer weather. who have vacationed here beforeThis was our choice for the best place to buy.

The skyrocketing prices were caused by high buyer demand

Many people were looking for homes at a time when few houses were available, most notably in 2021.  This created a shortage, and forced Whistler home prices to soar. which were always relatively highYou can soar further.  There were lots of plots without homes and they sold for up to $9 million. 

These sales are likely to increase as many believe that the area is an important place for buyers looking to create space in real estate. 

Limited Construction is possible in Whistler

Whistler is a mountain city, and although there are still some lots available: there’s not much room for urban spread.  It is therefore important to understand that real estate for sale in WhistlerIt is highly valued and each piece of property will fetch more. 

Most people assume that the area will see a continued rise in property prices due to the high supply and scarcity.

Only 83% of buyers were Canadian citizens.

Surprisingly, many buyers are not from Whistler and Canada.  Nearly 3% of Chinese buyers outnumbered Americans in the quarter.  These numbers indicate that people are buying more properties to be either income property or vacation homes.

There is a shortage of houses, but also condos and apartments.

Not only is the housing market affecting single-family homes, but apartments as well.  Right now, the average Whistler apartment rent is about $2,500. That’s $600 more than what is nationally averaged and only a fraction more affordable. Vancouver, the most expensive city in the country.  These prices are expected to continue rising together, so long as there is no land.