Season Three Drag RaceWinner RajaThere was also a desire to share with the judges and fans how she has grown over the past decade since her first walk on the runway.

She laughed and said, “We are all show-offs. She said, “So why not return to TV and show off?” My life has been 11 years. I want to tell people about my progress.”

The VivienneHe was the winner of the inaugural season RuPaul’s Drag Race UKHe came into the world with a more precise goal: to prove people wrong.

“I definitely came out of my season experiencing the whole ‘the other person was robbed’ situation.” “The other person was robbed” she stated. She said, “That is never a pleasant place to be. It’s a great place to be. I wanted to show ‘Yeah, I did deserve this win.'”

To Trinity the TuckHe was fourth overall Drag RaceBefore being named co-winner, season 9 All Stars 4With Monét X Change, it was all about letting down the guard she had up during her previous experiences.

“The first two attempts [on the show]Trinity stated that she was competitive because of this. This time, I did not want to lose. It was more important to me that I had fun. “I wanted to absorb the experience, because I couldn’t do it the second time.”