Kendall Jenner may not be able to properly slice a cucumber, but she does lead a pretty great life. 

According to the models sisters, they certainly believe so. Appearing on the June 16 episode of CelebHomes’s While you were streamingKim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner Khloe Kardashianexclusive revealed that Kendall would choose to trade their lives with any other sister if it was possible. 

Khloe said that she thinks Kylie lives an amazing life. Kylie agreed, explaining that should they ever pull an actual switcheroo, she’d immediately make plans to hit the runway. As Kylie put it, “I would wanna be Kendall and do a Fashion Week show. Go to Fashion Week.

Kim responded to Kendall’s question with her name. But, for something very different: “I could get a good night of sleep for one week without having any children.”

A mother of four said she would not mind sharing her life with Khloe. Kim stated that she has “the best snacks” in her home. While you were streaming… “And she’s very organised.”