HBO has rumored plans for multiple additional spin-offs, all with working titles.

The network is said to be working on 9 VoyagesIt would then follow the Sea Snake through the Seven Kingdom waters. 10,000 Ships, another rumored spin-off, would tell the story of Princess Nymeria. Flea BottomThe King’s Landing area where Westeros’ most vulnerable and poorest residents live would be depicted.

A series that is based on Martin’s book. Tales of Dunk & EggIt is currently in development. It is believed that the story began 90 years prior to its original publication. Game of Thrones series.

Benioff and Weiss steer clear of this Game of ThronesThe universe is full of talent, and they are certainly not lacking in work. They signed a 9-figure development agreement with Netflix in 2019, with several projects still under development.

It’s not something we would expect to see.