And the award for best declaration of love goes to…

An interview with PleasePublished March 6, 2009 in the magazine Lucy Boynton When her boyfriend was with her, she shared the thoughts of his girlfriend. Bohemian RhapsodyCostar Rami MalekDuring the 2019 Oscars acceptance speech, he spoke of his love and affection for her.

Rami said at the time that Lucy Boynton is the heart and soul of the movie, and that you were beyond talent. You have captured my heart!”

Lucy’s reaction? Lucy’s reaction? Lucy spoke in an interview. You are just taking in, minute by minute, the events. Then suddenly, you notice that there has been an audience applause, which can be slightly odd.

A 2019 interview The CutLucy explained that even though she “blacked-out” the entire time, the experience is still very special to her.

“Him winning because of his performance was almost like winning the tip off the iceberg of all that he had done,” she exclaimed. You forget there are many other people in this room.