Hulu first announced they would be making an adaptation for television. The DropoutPodcast listeners gave a deep sigh.

The criminal trial, podcast episodes, and news articles seemed to have all they required about Theranos founder. Elizabeth Holmes And her boyfriend. Sunny Balwani. A TV series could offer so much more.

It turns out that there were many things we didn’t get to enjoy.

Show writers Liz Meriwether‘s depiction of this true tale is a strikingly captivating look at the Theranos scandal. The DropoutIt allows for a deeper understanding of emotions as Elizabeth sought out to revolutionize healthcare.

More importantly, the series offers insight into Elizabeth’s relationship with Sunny, a romance that is often misunderstood and criticized. Amanda Seyfried shared that even she couldn’t appreciate the couple’s deep connection until she stepped into Elizabeth’s shoes. “It was so necessary to show how that began, because people didn’t get it,” she said in an interview with CelebHomes News, adding that people questioned, “‘Why would you be with him? He has what business? “What business is he in?