It’s up to you to believe.

On Jan. 4, after Brendan Hunt(Coach Beard), posted an Instagram selfie of Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso) and himself boarding a private jet with the caption, “Here we go,” fans of Ted Lasso are understandably freaked out. They are understandably worried. TBH, so did we.

One fan wrote, “Thanks for creating such an amazing show that helps me through a very hard time in my life,” I can’t wait for season 3! Another user, @ayanbivarsi, commented, “SEASON 3 LET’S GO,” @ayanbivarsi and @meganselke_vo wrote, “can’t wait to watch season 3!!!” 

Though a release date for the award-winning Apple+ series hasn’t been announced yet, fans may be on to something. Back in 2021, some of the cast said that production would begin early this year. An interview was conducted with VarietyPhil DunsterJamie Tartt is the AFC Richmond’s top scorer.