Jeopardy!champion Amy SchneiderAfter a terrible incident, she is still reeling.

On Monday, January 3, the 42-year old engineering manager disclosed that she was robbed this weekend. Amy announced the information via Twitter. She has been providing fans with an inside look through her game threads at Amy’s record-breaking performance on the quiz program.

“Hi all! First off, I am fine. “But I was robbed yesterday. Lost my ID and credit cards as well as my phone.” she tweeted. “I was unable to sleep the night before and have struggled all day trying replace everything.”

Amy then noted in a second tweet“So, I don’t think I’ll even begin writing tonight’s thread, and it might take me a while to catch up if I keep on winning.”

To her fans she added, “Thanks to your patience!”

Amy currently lives in Oakland, Calif. and did not provide any further details, such as where the incident took place. CelebHomes News reached out to Amy, who currently resides in Oakland, Calif. Jeopardy!For more information, please contact the Oakland Police Department.