We tried to have children together. The former said, “We ended up with three miscarriages.” Los Angeles: The Real World star shared. Star shared.

Roman claimed that Youngblood sought out help from Youngblood after Roman told her. Youngblood was able to extract six eggs from Roman for freezing, although Roman indicated that Youngblood might not have had the health to do so.

“Now I’m 51 years old. Would I like to have a child? Yes,” she replied, adding that although they could choose to have a child via a gestational carrier, there is still a chance.

Roman stated, “To my mind, that’s not how I want to see my husband who doesn’t have children to deal.” I’m over my age. I just felt like I didn’t want to leave my husband—as his only child with me—a special needs child. It’s possible that you guys don’t understand this and I am sorry.